Our history & Our values

In 2021, Geoffrey having worked as a mechanical engineer for 8 years, is asking himself many questions about the management of our world : Where does my waste go ? Why are we producing so much ? What impact on my health and that of my loved ones ? Why am I being offered products from the other side of the world while they are produced in my own country ? Why is there so much packaging when I order online ? Why are all cucumbers the same and the same size ? Tomatoes stay beautiful for weeks and have lost their taste and vitamins. And all these scandals about pesticides, fake organic products and their exorbitant prices ... 

He then decides to embark on a big personal challenge : To make our local producers work and make organic food accessible to everyone through an online website, without generating waste !

No big energy-consuming shed, no packaging (even bio-plastics) that are not necessary. Neither do products come from all over the world when they are also available in our fields. On-site control to maintain organic quality.

These are the key words that will drive our decisions at beeok.