Refillable Coffee Pod for Senseo Quadrante & Latte

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    With this refillable coffee pod, you can convert your Senseo coffeemaker into an espresso machine. It’s a great alternative to using paper Senseo pods.

        A reusable coffee pod for Senseo machines.

        The Coffeeduck is a 2-pod Senseo holder that can also be used for ground coffee. Versatile and suitable for all types of coffee, it allows to make a cup of coffee in just 20 seconds longer than using paper Senseo coffee pods.

        Holds between 5 to 14 grams of loose coffee grounds.

        How to use the Coffeeduck:

        Fill the Coffeeduck with coffee, preferably finely ground or espresso grade.

        If you use a fast-brew filter grade or coarsely ground coffee, always fill the Coffeeduck completely (up to 4 mm below the top rim).

        If you use a finely ground or espresso grade coffee, fill the Coffeeduck from half to completely full (up to 4 mm below the top rim) for the taste you prefer.

        Please note: you must clean any stray coffee grounds off the top flange or rim!

        Place the aroma filter on the clean top rim so that the lip is at the front of the machine.

        Close the Senseo.

        Press the 1-cup or 2-cup button.


        Suitable for the following Senseo machines:

        HD7825, HD7827, HD7828Twist, HD7835, HD7850, HD7853, HD7854, HD7855, HD7857, HD7860, HD7862, HD7863, HD7864, HD7870, HD7872, HD7873, HD7884

        Dishwasher safe | Foam layer maintained

        Brand: Bambaw